Al-Shouf Cedar Society (ACS)

The Al-Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve is under the authority of the Lebanese Ministry of Environment (MOE), which manages it through the Appointed Protected Area Committee (APAC) that includes among its members the Al-Shouf Cedar Society (ACS), the Mayors of the larger villages, and independent environment experts.
The core mission of AL-Shouf Cedar Society (ACS) is the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve in cooperation with the local institutions and communities, through the development and implementation of environmental, awareness and rural development activities.

Project Title

Piloting Waste Reduction Initiative at Community Level

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Brief about the project

ACS is seeking to change the attitudes and behaviors of the residents of the 3 target areas (Ehmej, Batloun and Kfar Mashoun) through the introduction of the concepts of backyard composting and “doggy bags,” targeting a 20% decrease in the percentage of organic fraction in the waste stream and the acceptance of these concepts by the communities, along with formal adoption of a supporting solid waste management (SWM) approach by the municipalities of Ehmej and Batloun. ACS’ activities include:

  1. Conducting three kick-off meetings (one in each village) to introduce the project and distribute questionnaires for data gathering, specifically related to population, zonation, land use and the physical master plan for each town.
  2. Forming a Database of Stakeholders and Land Use in targeted villages to get an idea about the population, land-use and various homogenous zones within the administrative or juridical boundaries of the three towns.
  3. Designing Communications Plan
  4. Conducting three project inception workshops to provide a detailed introduction of the project to the various beneficiary groups, including the project design, objectives, expected outputs and outcomes. Expected roles and responsibilities will also be discussed and feedback solicited from the participants to foster local buy-in and ownership.
  5. Producing Training, Educational and Communicational Material
  6. Forming three advisory committees who will play a critical role in monitoring project activities, generating community support and ownership, and ensuring continuity beyond the life of the project
  7. Sampling and Waste Categorization
  8. Conducting two TOT workshops for community members to create understanding and adoption of the principles and the concepts of backyard composting and doggy-bag.
  9. Conducting a one-day training in each village on backyard composting to introduce the idea of backyard composting for both residential and public spaces
  10. Conducting a one-day training in each village on doggy bag concept which will target those most likely to adopt or promote this concept, including operators of restaurants, snack shops, supermarkets and other food outlets
  11. Conducting an Awareness Campaign targeting the three villages (first phase) and the porject stakeholder and local authorities (second phase)
  12. Signing MOUs with targeted Municipalities
  13. Producing a Documentary and TV Commercials (TVC) throughout Project Implementation
  14. Developing a Guide for Solid Waste Reduction Criteria
  15. Organizing Three Closing Events in the Villages

Direct Beneficiaries

Three municipalities;

  • Batloun
  • Ehmej
  • Kfar Mashoun

Partners in the Consortium

  • Ehmej Development Association
  • Hourouf Association
  • MORES s.a.r.l. (Management of Resources and Environmental Solutions)


Video Zouwwedit Boukra زوادة بكرا

أطلب “زوادة بكرا” لتوضيب طعامك المتبقي قبل مغادرتك المطعم وساهم بتقليل المواد العضوية من النفايات. مشروع “بدنا نكب أقل تنزرع أكتر” ممول من الوكالة الأميركية للتنمية الدولية ويهدف الى تقليل المواد العضوية بنسبة 20% من النفايات الصلبة، وقبول المجتمعات المحلية المستهدفة (إهمج، وبتلون، وكفرمسحون) لهذه المفاهيم من خلال زيادة الوعي والترويج ل “زوادة بكرا” ووحدة […]


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