Lebanese Association for Rural Development (LRD)

Project Title

Promoting Sustainable Solid Waste Management at the Community Level in Akkar

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Brief about the project

LRD has partnered with several municipalities in Akkar, Caritas as a major national NGO, Netways as a leading IT solutions provider in the region, and the Scouts Movement in Akkar to highlight the importance of environmental protection and advocate for the implementation of sustainable municipal solid waste management in 15 target municipalities within the Governorate of Akkar by providing tangible solutions, enhanced capacities, and linkages to solution providers both to local authorities and communities to ensure the sustainability of project activities and results. LRD's activities include:

  1. Developing SWM Guidebook for Local Municipalities
  2. Setting Baseline and Measure Change: The measurement would compose of computing the weight of glass, plastic, paper, and other solid material collected by respective firms through indicated months of project implementation (Month 8 & 12).
  3. Training of municipal council members on SWM Guidebook: The trainees will act as focal points in their respective municipalities for follow up on project activities and the implementation of solutions for their localities. After the workshops, LRD will select from among the 45 trainees, 10 of the most committed municipal council members to serve as advocacy champions over the remaining duration of the project .
  4. Training of 50 Scout members on SWM Guidebook to be change agents within their communities and support project activities. Out of these 50 scout members, at least 5 members will be selected as champions to advocate towards the project implementation along with the 10 leaders selected from the different municipalities.
  5. Training of Municipal Leaders (champions) and Scouts Members (Champions) on Advocacy to prepare participants to deliver community awareness sessions and lobby the target municipalities for support in implementing local sorting and recycling initiatives.
  6. Developing an Advocacy Plan for Selected Municipalities based on Sorting from Origin
  7. Rolling Out the Advocacy Plan through advocating decision makers, conducting a social media campaign, disseminating key messages through mainstream media, developing and disseminating awareness materials to public, raising awareness within five schools, and raising awareness within three universities.
  8. Supporting Municipalities in implementing Sustainable SWM Solutions through installing Points of Collection of solid waste, providing textile bags to grocery stores and collection bins for plastic and paper in schools as solution to waste reduction, implementing SWM solution providers Fair, and promoting composting techniques within rural areas.

Direct Beneficiaries

  • 15 municipalities within the Governorate of Akkar through which 45 municipal council members will benefit from trainings provided by the project
  • At least 5,000 community members
  • At least 1,000 Syrian refugees
  • At least 1,000 school students
  • At least 400 university students
  • At least 150 household members
  • 50 scout members
  • 1 private sector company
  • Caritas centers and volunteers
  • Waste management solution providers

Partners in the Consortium

  • 15 target municipalities in Akkar
  • Caritas
  • Scouts Movement in Akkar
  • Netways


ورش عمل تدريبية حول دليل فرز النفايات الصلبة في محافظة عكّار

أقامت الجمعية اللبنانية للانماء الريفي LRD، بتمويل من برنامج بلدي كاب و ال  USAID وبالشراكة مع كل من كاريتاس – إقليم عكّار وشركة نتويز وكشاف التربية الوطنية، من ضمن مشروع تعزيز الإدارة المستدامة للنفايات الصلبة على مستوى المجتمع المحلي في ٢٧ كانون الثاني في دير الكرمل القبيات و ٢٨ كانون الثاني ٢٠١٨ في مطعم RICACHO، […]