Lebanon Reforestation Initiative (LRI)

LRI aims to conserve and expand Lebanon’s forests through a community-based approach and public-private partnerships. In addition, LRI also aims to empower communities to advocate to better manage their forest resources. LRI works on building social stability and improving local governance, specifically for issues related to forestry (i.e. seedling production; out planting; fire prevention; quarry restoration; climate change mitigation; forest management, etc.)

Project Title

Influencing Decision-makers to stop Violations and Organize Community Actions Towards Environmental Engagement

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Brief about the project

LRI will seek to mobilize advocates from the communities of the three target municipalities and train them on advocacy approaches and methodologies and support them to convince their respective municipalities to change practices by delimiting and classifying their forest lands, separating a budget for forest protecting, hiring a local forest guard and following up closely to reduce violations on their forests, namely illegal cutting, intentional fires and overgrazing. LRI's activities entail:

  1. Launching an advocacy campaign to push the municipalities to set a local mechanism to protect forest lands
  2. Supporting the community advocates to negotiate with three target municipalities in the regions of Rachaya, Shouf and Jbeil to officially classify the forest areas within their administrative limits
  3. Advocating with recruited advocates to mobilize the Environmental Committees in the three municipalities and appoint a permanent municipal forest guard to enforce the protection of
    the classified forest lands
  4. Facilitating the linkages between the local forest centers of the MOA and the designated Environmental Committees (ECs) in each target region
  5. Lobbying identified local judges to negotiate the allocation of money collected from the fines/tickets issued by municipal forest guards to the National Reforestation Fund at the MOF

Each activity includes a set of sub-activities such as, but not limited to, meetings, trainings, launching events, developing advocacy plan, and conducting media campaign.

Direct Beneficiaries

Three municipalities:

  • Baadaran in the Shouf district of Mount Lebanon
  • Ehmej in the Byblos district of Mount Lebanon, and
  • Kherbet Rouha in the Rachaya district of Beqaa.

Partners in the Consortium

  1. Shouf Biosphere Reserve
  2. Ehmej Association for Development
  3. Rashaya Corridor Planning committee



LRI’s Achievements to date!

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