Land-use Management: is it a national priority?

Date: January 26, 2019

The Lebanese Advocacy Network for the Environment LANE 2nd phase this year included an advocacy campaign. Following the different discussion, it was agreed to run an advocacy strategy to exert pressure on the Government of Lebanon to implement the National Physical Master Plan (NPMP) which was considered a national priority for the immediate implementation, adoption and mainstreaming of emergency that would urgently and effectively put vulnerable and important areas under study such as the coastal areas, the mountains, the forests, the valleys and agriculture lands…etc

For this matter, a draft law on “Mountain protection and development” was also prepared. The Advocacy Campaign was entitled A.R.D.E. “Advocacy to Reconcile Development with Environment”.

In order to launch the advocacy campaign, LANE organized on Saturday January 26th, 2009 a workshop entitled “Land-use Management: is it a national priority?”.

The workshop started with an introductory panel presented by the Project Coordinator Mrs. Josiane Yazbeck Keszi, followed with two speeches given by the Project Director of the network ISO TERRE Liban Mr. Paul Abi Rached and by BALADI CAP representative had Dr. Fares El Zein.

Three panels were scheduled, the first was on overviewing the environmental policy entitled “Land-use planning in Lebanon, A key to achieve sustainable development” produced by Dr. Georges Mitri, this session was presented by Dr. Mitri. The second panel was about discussing the National Physical Master Plan (NPMP) in Lebanon presented by Eng. Sami El Feghali, the representative of The Council for Development and Reconstruction, CDR. As for the third panel, the first draft of the “Mountain protection and development” law prepared under this advocacy campaign was presented by Dr. Paul Morcos.

The panels were followed by discussions and interventions by the audience, as well as questions to the moderators.

161 entities and representatives of official bodies were invited. 71 attendees participated in the workshop: MP Elias Hankash, representatives of the MPs Setrida Geagea, Nazih Najem, Taymour Junblat, Michel Daher and Farid Al Khazen. As well as representatives from Mouhafaza of Mount Lebanon, Lebanon Economic & Social Council, Municipal federations and unions, Reserves: Ehden, Shouf, Bentael and different Environment NGOs, academics, jurists, specialists and activists in the field of land management and sustainable development.

It was agreed to form a steering committee to follow up on the updates and comments on the draft law presented and the recommendations of the workshop are the following:

  • Issue a national dialogue on studying the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Immediate execution of the NPMP and work on updating and developing it.
  • Declaration of environmental emergency status and put vulnerable and important areas under study.
  • Increase of the natural reserves spaces to at least 7.5% of the Lebanese territory space.

Preparation of a frame law to protect and develop the high mountains and advocate for promulgating and publishing it.


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